about us

To share with our love ones in the joy of being.

Mesmerising playful - to take inspiration from the world we see, paint the dialogue of tale and longing, become the narrative of love and fun happening around us.

About Us
Spherebol is a company specialising in premium quality dinnerware, lighting and display ornaments. Our designs are original, elegant and even playful, designed for people who appreciate that colourful works of art can enliven and enrich their daily lives.


Dream. East / West
It started with a dream, a wish to create something with their hands, something that lasts, a colourful legacy of which they can be proud.

The journey began when Guy and August, two individuals who grew up at different ends of the world and yet have so much in common, embarked on a new direction in life.

Porcelain had always into a favourite material of theirs; they find the transformation of clay to porcelain mesmerising. So both of them gave up their jobs and started afresh. Following their hearts they journeyed to the porcelain capital, JingDeZhen to learn the trade. Through the struggle of re-adjustment and the constant worry of no turning back; what did not destroy them made them stronger. Little did they know, the world started to turn for them.

For Guy, he used to do risk modelling for bank portfolios; now he does 3D modelling for the lamps and vases. Also he used to bury his head in analysing data, now he buries his hands in the clay, researching new formulas. For him this journey has been more than re-invention, he said: "The bravest thing is to do what you want in life rather than doing what is sensible".

For August, he used to analyse business performance by spreadsheet; now he sketches on sheets of paper. Also, he used to work late to balance the books, now he works much much later to ensure that all Spherebol products are made to perfection. August decided resolutely to pursue his dream to design, create and invent objects that make him proud. His carefulness and attention to detail has driven Spherebol's best attribute "Quality".

Having lived and worked across the world has enabled them to take inspiration from different perspectives and cultures without forgetting their own. They hope by realising their dreams they aspire others to realise theirs too.