Our new range of lamps is made from the truly astonishing ‘Eggshell Porcelain’.  Eggshell porcelain was first developed during the Ming dynasty and is famous for being paper thin with an exceptional whiteness and translucency.  This translucency makes it an ideal material to produce our stunning lamps.  These lamps are paired with a wooden base made for us by an award winning third generation family firm in Taipei. We have consciously chosen certified wood whose grain and colour complement the lamps.

Designed by our founder Guy Thompson this lamp with its graceful curved surfaces expanding out from the base to the middle before gradually tapering in towards the top was designed to give the illusion of motion.  Inspired by the whiteness of the porcelain, a beautiful hexagonal snow crystal like structure has been ingeniously incorporated to complement the piece and further to create a pleasing ripple effect on the surface.

A lavender wildflower meadow has been rendered to celebrate this piece.  The forest, emerald and lime green leaves provide a lush and luminous foundation to the artwork, whilst the flowing purple and blue lavender flowers generate a fantastic illusion of uplifting movement. 

On illumination this lamp is transformed with the snow-white sides glowing with a warm and radiant light that will warm your heart.